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Zion currently has two different worship experiences. 

We offer a Traditional Service at 9:00 AM on Sunday mornings. The Traditional Service uses the Lutheran Book of Worship accompanied by organ music. The senior choir sings at the Traditional Service most weeks from the fall to the beginning of summer. We also enjoy the bell choir which provides prelude music for the Traditional Service once per month. Communion is celebrated twice each month at the Traditional Service.

Sunday School for all ages, including an adult forum, is held at 9:50 AM.  Children attending the 9:00 AM service will be released for Sunday School after communing on communion Sundays. During the summer, there is no Sunday School.  A children and family bell choir takes place on the first Sunday of each month. Anyone can join us for this fun and easy color-coded bell system. If you know your colors, you can play!

We offer a Praise Service at 10:45 AM on Sunday mornings as well. The Praise Service is led by our praise team which includes drums, guitar, keyboard and singers. All of the words for the songs are projected on a screen, rather than printed in a book or bulletin. The praise service has a more casual feel than the Traditional Service. Communion is celebrated weekly at the Praise Service.

Whatever worship service you decide to attend, we pray you will experience God's grace, forgiveness and love, and go out with renewed hope and strength to reach out for Christ.

If you would like to hear our weekly messages, be sure to visit our podcast HERE

or seach for Zion Lutheran Church on itunes and look for our picture. 



Zion offers both adult and infant baptism.  Would you or your child like to be baptized at Zion? 

Click HERE for a document that explains how to have your baptism at Zion. 

 We encourage everyone to dig into God's Word each day of the week--not just on Sunday mornings. 
Here is one online daily devotional to get you started.  This devotional focuses on the weekly Lectionary readings used in many churches. 



9:00 AM



10:45 AM