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Our Staff

The staff at Zion are praying for you...

We have a program we titled KIT (Keeping In Touch). At our weekly staff meetings, we pray for different members of Zion and then let them know with a postcard. Please know that we love you and care for you just as God loves and cares for all of us. We are excited to share this with all of you and hope that you are blessed.

Senior Pastor
Stephen M. Bauerle

Pastor Steve Bauerle has been the Senior Pastor at Zion for 25 years. Pastor Steve is married to Amy who is a Speech Therapist and they have 4 children. They are Sarah, who works in the radio business at Clear Channel, Markus, who works at UPS, Erik, who is a student athlete at Owens Community College studying Law Enforcement and playing soccer and Kaylyn who is a ninth grader.
After serving Zion for many years, Pastor Steve would say that he has served “four churches in the same place.” When he first began in 1987, Zion was considered more of a rural, small town church, followed by a bedroom ‘transient’ community church where people quickly moved in and out. Then Zion began as a church that focused on outreach and community,  to its present state of adding staff where we pray that God will take us in a direction that we anxiously await. 
Pastor Steve enjoys sports, yard work, and fishing, which he will find more time to do!


Youth Director
Jessica Jackson

Administrative Assistant
Amy Shiffert

Karen Meyer

Congregation President
Thom Ovacek

Choir Director
Tom Wardell

Organist & Accompanist
Jon Steingass

Preschool Director & Teacher
Carole Garrett

Preschool Teacher
Jody Rees

Gail Whitmer



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